Employee Benefits of Working at PC Pitstop

After an employee is hired, there are many, many benefits to working out of your home, but this post will focus on the many corporate benefits that employees at PC Pitstop receive for working at home in addition to the benefits of a lot more free time and work flexibility.

Each and every employee receives a company credit card. The credit card should be used for all office expenses related to working out of your home. On that credit card, we pay for internet, landline, cell phone, and cable TV. Also any additional office expenses can be placed on the credit card such as paper, pens, etc. Large expenses such as a new computer must be approved prior to purchase.

There is also a company meeting that is held in various cities throughout the United States. We have held meetings in New Orleans, Miami, Tampa, Memphis, New York, Washington DC, and many more. The meetings are held twice a year. During these meetings, we truly try to compensate for the fact that we are unable to interact is an old style office setting. The meetings typically burn a whole week. With one day of travel, two days of meetings, and another day of travel. Frequently we will invite guests to the meeting so that third parties can also learn about our company since we lack a physical building.

Over the years, the format of the company meeting has changed. Historically, each and every person would make a half hour presentation on what they had accomplished in the last six months. The problem with this format is that it did not promote dialog. In fact the opposite, it discouraged dialog and many of the presentations were just filler or cut and paste from prior company meetings. We have now moved to a much more interactive format to promote discussion. In the evenings, historically, we planned large group events so we could all bond as a team. We also found that this was not highly effective since it was so hard to please such a diverse group of people. Now, we split up in small groups in three or four (just like a physical company) and we explore that city however suits that group best. Then usually we all meet in a bar, and share notes before retiring for the evening.

I will make a longer post about health care, but our health care must be a national provider and we have chosen Blue Cross Blue Shield. We have no complaints other than the rampant costs.

PC Pitstop has been a very successful company largely because of the dedication of our many work at home employees, so each and every year, we pay a healthy bonus at the end of the year. I hope this to continue for quite some time. In recent years, bonuses have been averaging approximately 20% of bonus.

Our holidays are the standard ones – New Year’s, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Employees receive 2 weeks of vacation and 3 weeks after 5 years.

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